Making a Tutoring Appointment with Mike Medley

Graduate students who want to schedule an appointment should first try making an appointment through ASC Tutoring online. If those times do not work for you, contact me by or phone (540-432-4051).

Click on the link below and download a copy of the Graduate Student Writing Conference Record. Complete the top half of the form and e-mail it to me with a copy of the paper we will be discussing.

Tutoring will always be held in my office at Campus Center (room 348). But it may also be held via Skype if for any reason you cannot visit my office. My Skype address is rm.medley. In order to hold a Skype conference with me, you will need to have video as well as audio capability so that we can share the same screen and look at your paper together.

When you come to the tutoring session, please bring along a description of the writing assignment given by your professor. For Skype conferences, you can e-mail the assignment to me.

At the end of the tutoring session, you will complete your part of the Writing Conference Record and I will complete my part. I will send the tutoring report to your professor.

As director of the Intensive English Program (1999-2009), I regularly tutored international graduate students. As an avid reader of Biblical studies and theology (which I majored in as an undergraduate), I am well equipped to help seminary students. From 2003 to 2009, I taught a 1 credit course in which international students from CJP and the seminary could enroll to receive instruction and support in writing. I am familiar with the common kinds of writing assignments given in CJP. Since I have completed two levels of STAR, I am acquainted with the range of topics that are covered in CJP classes and have done some additional readings in those areas. As a faculty member (part-time) in the MA in Education program, I conduct extensive reading and research in language education: I will be very comfortable working with students in education. The fields of business, nursing, and biomedicine, however, will admittedly be a stretch for me. But I am ready and eager to expand my reading and writing sensitivities.