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“Radical with a cause How a young college prof caught the business bug….." Pages 8-11 on the following link:

Informative Resource article: By Michael Brislen, “Images in a Cracked Mirror: Muslim and Christian Perspectives of Each Other”


It is here, the Orie Miller story!

Tuesday Afternoon Conversations!

This group will not meet until the new year. We will keep you posted when the next “Conversation” event will happen.

Travel Opportunities!

You may want to consider the following:

You may contact Ed Bontrager for a brochure at or call 540-438-8304 for intormation on any of these tours.

  • NEW ZEALAND DISCOVERY TOUR 2016, February 12 – 27, 2016

A personalized, flexible, and relaxed tour with experienced New Zealand tour guides, Ross and Allison Collingwood. A great 14-day “taste” of New Zealand – its geography, beauty, history, life, and people. Check out the details by clicking on this web link: Discover New Zealand

Mentors wanted!

  • If you could help international CJP students with their writing assignments, contact Linda Gnagey at (540) 432-4254 or .
  • If you could help faculty members or grad students design, focus and clarify their research, contact Vernon Jantzi at .

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