Contribute to the ADCP Endowed Scholarship Fund

a letter from Terry Whitmore, professor

  • “I have prior commitments: marriage, children, financial obligations, or lack of time.”
  • “I’m happy with my job.”
  • “I could use more education, but its more than I can afford.”

Sound familiar?

I hear similar scenarios from nearly every EMU Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) student in my classes. Some struggle with the decision for years before taking the step to finish their education.

After completing an ADCP degree, they find it was worth the effort and commitment. Many more options are available to those who earn a college degree.

An Example …

Richard Whitmore, my younger brother, is someone who would have benefited from ADCP. Unfortunately, he died unexpectedly at the age of 51 in March of 1999. Because of choices he made early in life about family, business and community service – and because of a generous spirit and commitment to serve others – he missed an opportunity to complete his own education. He never completed college.

Because I believe so strongly in ADCP, and to honor the memory of my brother, Richard Whitmore, my family business – E & M Auto Paint & Supply – is establishing an endowed scholarship fund at EMU for ADCP students.

Some ADCP students receive tuition assistance from employers, but not everyone is so fortunate. Often students must cover the full cost of tuition alone.

My family and I look forward to assisting ADCP students in financial need while we honor my brother’s memory through this scholarship.

Give to the fund!

Please join us by contributing to the Richard M. Whitmore Endowed Scholarship Fund . Your gift will help provide scholarships for upcoming ADCP students who otherwise may not be able to pursue their educational dreams.

We thank you in advance for your gift.


Terry L. Whitmore, Professor
ADCP, Management & Organizational Development