Accelerated BA to MA

BA in Peacebuilding & Development to MA in Conflict Transformation or MA in Restorative Justice

EMU now offers an accelerated bachelors in peacebuilding and development to masters in conflict transformation

“The accelerated program through CJP requires both self-confidence and cultural humility, so be prepared to speak up, make mistakes, and then be redirected as you look to your peacebuilding future. Dive into the social world of staff and students at CJP, because that is where the strongest learning happens.” -Aaron Erb, BA-MA Alumnus

The accelerated program is a collaboration between EMU’s undergraduate department of Applied Social Sciences and the graduate program of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. The program is designed to award exceptional and/or non-traditional students a BA in Peacebuilding and Development and an MA in Conflict Transformation or MA in Restorative Justice through a five-year curriculum. This track is well-suited for ambitious conventional undergraduate students and nontraditional students who have previous experience in the field but have not completed an undergraduate degree.

Caitlin Henson
“The accelerated program differed from other programs that I considered, mainly in that it provided me an opportunity to continue to invest in a community that had already invested so much in me. That felt important. It also provided a way to continue my education that saved me time, money and relocating while also not compromising academic content and expectations.” -Caitlin Henson, BA-MA Alumna

We recommend students indicate to their advisor that they are interested in the accelerated program during their first undergraduate year. Students apply for to enroll in the accelerated program during their third year.

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If you already have a bachelor’s degree in peacebuilding or related field and are interested in a master’s degree, contact for further information or visit

Interested EMU undergraduate students should contact the undergraduate program director, Gloria Rhodes, for details about the bachelor’s degree and preparation to move into the MA in conflict transformation program.