Eastern Mennonite University

The 2011 conference

EMU was honored to host an unprecedented conference on attachment theory in spring 2011. Internationally recognized speakers cited the results of several decades of research to support their assertions that caring relations are as necessary to human life as air, food and water. The conference explored the concept that one of our most important tasks as humans is to learn how to form healthy attachments — with each other, with the earth, and with God.

The three days of life-changing conversation helped participants look anew at self, relationships and attachments to the larger world.

Conference materials and book

Learn more about attachment and the science of love via podcasts, blogs and downloads of power point presentations from the attachment conference.

Purchase Integrating the New Science of Love and a Spirituality of Peace, the new book based on presentations by the five keynote speakers at the conference. Co-editors Annmarie L. Early and Christian E. Early, both EMU professors, were key organizers of the 2011 conference.

The book underscores that “the brain expects, and is fundamentally shaped by, relationships,” writes Howard Zehr of EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding in the foreword. “We are not expected to grow and develop alone, and we are not designed to solve problems by ourselves.”

The book is published by Cascade Books and can be ordered for $16.40 in print ($9.99 on Kindle) through amazon.com or other online booksellers.

Expert speakers