Mission & Service Day

Thursday, October 30, 2014

(Additional info for Mission & Service Organization Representatives)

1. Conversations with Service Organization Representatives (8am-4pm Campus Center Greeting Hall)
Meet with representatives throughout the day to learn about opportunities to serve both locally as well as overseas.

2. Lunch Date: No Commitment Required (Conversations with Mission & Service Representatives) (11:30am-1pm, Dining Hall)
Choose a marked round table and join students, faculty, staff, and service organization representatives for informal conversations around Mission & Service Day and Spiritual Life Week themes with questions generated by Missiology class students (students without meal plan can get lunch pass at the door)

3. Mission & Service Day Coffeehouse (8-9pm, Common Grounds)
“When Mission Gets Messy, and Faith is Fuzzy” how experiences can change your path.

Just in case you’re thinking…

  • “I’m not planning to do a mission or service term.” Come and learn anyway – you may be surprised by how many opportunities there are to serve locally or travel the world and do amazing things.
  • “I’m just a first or second year student and it’s too early to think about this stuff.” Not true! It’s never too early to begin considering options following EMU.
  • “I’d rather just research opportunities online.” You can learn so much more from talking with real people who have had interesting mission and service experiences themselves.