How Will Your Donation be Used?

“To reach peace, teach peace.”
—Pope John Paul II

Your donation will be used to support CJP in carrying out its mission. Specifically we invite you to support our peacebuilders by providing a gift to:

CJP’s general fund: This fund allows CJP to allocate funds where they are most needed each year. These unrestricted contributions provide basic support for CJP’s educational and training programs thereby assisting in keeping tuition more affordable. Such contributions allow us to meet our broad mission. Read about CJP’s core values.

Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI): Your donation supports scholarships for students who wish to attend the SPI, a summer series of intensive courses for credit or training in a community of mutual respect and learning. These scholarships benefit practicing peacebuilders who are tackling today’s difficult conflicts and glaring injustices around the world. You can help us provide them the skills, knowledge, and support they need to carry out their difficult jobs. Read more about SPI.

Practice & Training Institute (PTI) Programs: Financial assistance you provide for these trainings, such as those of Seminars for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR), help build peace and security and support justice through healing of traumatized communities and individuals. The trainings benefit people working in the field, whether professionals or just regular people who deal with trauma and want to create a more just and peaceful world. Read more about STAR.

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