Designing Peacebuilding Programs: From Conflict Assessment to Planning (616)

Lisa Schirch and Karim Merchant

The course provides you with the newest planning tools to prioritize information and make complex decisions. You will increase your skills and build your organization’s capacity to design comprehensive peacebuilding strategies.

Many organizations skimp on conflict assessment, fear “analysis paralysis,” or design programs based on untested assumptions or faulty theories of change. Critical steps in formulation and management of programs and projects may be skipped or conducted by different groups of people without coordination. This course will address these problems by moving through a whole planning cycle, including basic as well as advanced tools for each element of the process.

Designed for advanced professionals from peacebuilding organizations, government agencies, and regional or international organizations , this course provides a framework and skill set for planning strategic peacebuilding to assist in formulating and managing programs and projects.
Discussions will focus on linking:

  • Research methodologies for conflict assessment;
  • Self-assessment;
  • Theories of change;
  • Designing peacebuilding policies, programs and projects; and
  • Monitoring and evaluation of peacebuilding efforts.

Taking into account the anticipated diversity of participants, the course will cover various types of conflict-affected environments such as those with active violence, structural violence, post-conflict, and organized crime and corruption.