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See how Cristiana Baptista plans to use STAR after completing level one and two trainings.

“So glad I came…I leave here a brighter light. Adelante!" -Rhonda Miska, April 2011 participant

STAR is a way of LIFE/lens for all of life- I have been and will continue to use STAR in my RJ and trauma healing work professionally, in my church and in my home life.” -March 2010 participants

STAR has been invaluable to me in my work as National Victim Outreach Coordinator for the Capital Resource Counsel Project. I’ve incorporated many of the concepts in our federal training programs and we teach attorneys about how trauma affects not only their clients, but also victims and communities. I also use STAR resources to encourage lawyers to reflect on how vicarious or secondary trauma impacts them and their adversaries.” -(Mickell) Kelly Branham, National Victim Outreach Coordinator, Capital Resource Counsel Project, STAR Level II 2010 participant

“I found that STAR took time and thought to balance academia, real life experience, and emotional intellect. STAR integrates hands on exercises which serve experiential learning and demonstrate to the trainees examples of how to condct techniques in their own professions and personal lives. BRAVO! and thank you! –February 2009 participant

“It’s easy to be daunted by the number of trouble spots and traumatized communities that have been represented around the table this week. At the same time, it is amazing… to see the strength and the dedication of the staff and the participants. This has been a life-altering week that opens so many possibilities to work more effectively – also to live more effectively.” –January 2005 participant

“The fact that STAR exists gives me more hope in dark times than almost anything else. What happens here –even with all the imperfections of any program- is truly miraculous. The transformation is real. Thank you so much for making this possible in the world. I believe it is making and it will continue to make an incalculable difference.” —April 2005 STAR intermediate training

“I am in a totally different place at the closure of this gathering. I have been living in a very small world. I feel stretched and better informed regarding the worldview of our conflicts everywhere. These five days have been a model for me to be reminded and re-energized around my priorities in life and my self-care. I am excited about the possibilities of my stories in various areas.” –August 2005 participant

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