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Cross-Cultural Program: Ireland and Northern Ireland 2001 -
Summer Assignments

The following assignments/items will be due at Orientation August 28-September 3.

Cross Cultural Course

1. Journal Assignment

We would like you to have with you two thin 8 x 11 loose-leaf 3-hole binders with paper.

In the first of these, reflect on the following questions and write an entry for each. Assume an entry to be at least one handwritten page and not more than two.

2. Photo album

Please bring with you a small photo album (4" x 6" or similar). Think of the album not as your memory book while you're away, but as "visual aid" as you introduce yourself to Irish and Northern Irish friends and host families.
You may want to include: family and friends, your house, your school, your church, your job, your hobbies, your home state, etc.

Political Science, Sociology and History courses

3. Geography quiz

You will complete your first test during orientation. Please study the maps we gave you and be prepared to label a blank map of Ireland appropriately. You will be responsible to identify counties, regions, major cities, major mountain ranges, major lakes, rivers and waterways, and the area immediately surrounding Ireland and Northern Ireland (bodies of water, and the boundaries of the United Kingdom). You may need to do some of your own research. Your Culture Shock book has a fair map and there are maps here on our web site.

4. History and Current events assignment

Using your own research - all of the answers to the following questions can be found on websites linked to our own. Please reference where you got your information.

1. What is the unit of currency in Ireland? In Northern Ireland?

2. What is the current exchange rate for Ireland? Northern Ireland?

3. What is the population of Ireland? Of Northern Ireland?

4. How big is Ireland compared to the U.S.? Northern Ireland?

5. What is the difference between Great Britain, England, and the United Kingdom?

6. What is the Celtic Tiger?

7. What is The Troubles?

8. Who are Loyalists? Republicans? Unionists? Nationalists? In the Northern Ireland context?

9. What is the governing unit of Northern Ireland? Describe how it works.

10. What is the governing unit of The Republic of Ireland? Describe how it works.

11. Who are the current leaders of Ireland? And what are their positions?

12. Who are the leaders of Northern Ireland? What are their positions?

13. Briefly relate two of the top news stories in Northern Ireland over the summer (May-August 2001)

14. Briefly relate one of the top news stories in the Republic of Ireland over the summer (May-August 2001).

Humanities course

5. Reading assignment and book report

See the handout from Anne.

6. CD compilation disk


7. Photocopy of birth certificate and passport

8. Independent travel plan proposal.

Please write a brief proposal for your independent travel week. This can be very sketchy. We would simply like to have idea of your expected travel destinations. You will have time to make final arrangements, purchase tickets, and choose travelling companions in Ireland. The cost of your independent travel is your responsibility. We will try to give you a small allowance for meals during your independent travel, but this is contingent upon the group staying under budget.