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Cross-Cultural Program: Ireland and Northern Ireland 2001 -

These are some of the online resources available to help you prepare for the seminar, and for the reference of family and friends during the trip. All the italicized entries are further indexes to other websites.

Note: these websites are all maintained outside EMU by other agencies who have responsibility for their own content. We used a different color for the links to indicate that they go "off-site."

Travel Resources

Academic Resources

Telephone Resources

It is much less expensive to call from the US to Europe than vice versa.

Tip: For special operator assistance (collect or person-to-person calls, time and charges, or AT&T card calls), dial 01 instead of 011 when making a telephone call.

There is a new country code for all of Northern Ireland - 028. There are also new codes for each town but they are included as part of the telephone number.

For example, to call the Corrymeela Centre in Ballycastle involves using the International Country code which is UK (from USA): 01144; then the area code which is 028 BUT the first zero must de dropped so it becomes '28'; then the telephone number including the town code (207 for Ballycastle) which would be 207 62626. The complete number would therefore be 01144 28 207 62626.