Kenya: May 18 – June 8 2014*

*Best option for Spring Athletes

Kenya is known for its striking variety of plant and animal species, supported by a broad range of natural ecosystems that span from sea-level to over 17,000 ft. It is also known for its tapestry of culture, religion, and socioeconomic diversity. What do these “assets” offer to Kenyans, while also offering rich experiences to those who visit this microcosm of diversity? What does it mean for cultures when resources bring different worldviews together? Which resources are under threat, and what is necessary to promote greater sustainability? These are the questions that will drive inquiry and learning; in essence, this three week cross-cultural will focus on the intersection of ecology, economics, education, culture, and faith.

Homestays, in-country travel and immersion activities, from the capital Nairobi to Mt. Kenya and from the Great Rift Valley to the Kenyan coast, will help students become aware of many of the various ecosystems and their implications for Kenyans, the economy, education and culture. Projects will allow students to grasp the complexity of factors threatening ecosystems and to participate in activities that protect and/or restore. Finally, students will be given opportunities to consider the role and impact of education in raising awareness of challenges and as an incubator of innovation and more sustainable approaches. Experiences will be designed to not only foster learning about global issues, but to deepen individual faith formation and commitment to personal action in response to important—though complex—issues.


Locations Nairobi, Great Rift Valley, Indian Ocean, and Mt. Kenya
Seminar leaders: Jim Leaman, Business & Economics Dept., and Lori Leaman, Education Dept.
Estimated Cost: $5,000

Course Information

CCSSC 201 Cross-Cultural Social Science 3 SH

Required Immunizations

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