Pakistan: May 2012

This program has been removed from the schedule for Summer 2012. Please explore other program options.

Through seeing the real Pakistan, participants in this cross-cultural will realize how blinded they have been to the realities of this country so rich in heritage, so vibrant in culture, and yet so troubled by internal ethnic, socio-economic, political, and religious differences, and by the tensions between East and West in which it is caught up. Participants will be confronted with the complexity of Pakistan in life-changing ways through encounters with civic and human rights leaders, educators, college students, Christian and Muslim religious leaders, simple village folk, and slum dwellers. They will see real Pakistani people in their own setting for the first time, and they will understand more deeply.

More US money and attention are being focused on Pakistan today than any other center of conflict in the world. In the minds of many Americans, Pakistan is considered a dangerous entity, if not an enemy. But even when the conflict eventually subsides, the negative stereotyping of Pakistan will live on in the minds of Americans. EMU students who have experienced the real Pakistan will be able to counter that negativity.

Estimated Cost: $3900 (subject to change)
Seminar Leader: Mike Medley, Language & Literature
Course: CCSSC 201 Cross-cultural Social Science (3 SH)

Dress Code: The culture of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is conservative, though large urban centers show a wide diversity of styles—conservative to liberal. Both male and female participants are expected to dress modestly in public at all times. Short sleeves are acceptable; short pants and tight-fitting clothing are not acceptable at all. Women will be expected to wear head scarves in public.

Recommended Immunizations

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