Eastern Mennonite University

Fall 2006

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LorenPresident Swartzendruber Asks: Liberal or Conservative?

"Are you a conservative or a liberal?" This appears to be a simple, straightforward question, yet my answer is never simple. It is: "I don't know. I am both, and I am neither. It depends on the issue ...

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Nourishing the EMU Garden

Where does the money go? Find out in this illustration (PDF) of a "growing" EMU. *For fiscal years ending June 30, 2006 and 2005. more >>


Hurricanes to Heroism: 2005-06 in Review

"Mennonites are well known for their emphasis on doing," says provost Beryl Brubaker. Find out more about what EMU has been doing. more >>

Bike Movement

Bike Movement

A group of students and recent grads embarked on a cross-country cycling and
spiritual adventure this summer. (PDF) more >>


Hurricane Puts Hero Back in Touch

EMU grad Troy Farris learned a valuable lesson when Hurricane Katrina changed his life. more >>

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