Eastern American Studies Association Conference

March 22-23, 2013

The American Studies Association is the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history. Join Eastern regional chapter members at the 2013 conference “E Pluribus Unum?: Unity, Division & the Making of American Identity.”

The conference will be in Harrisonburg, Virginia – an area heavily affected by the Civil War and currently the most ethnically diverse city in Virginia – and hosted by Eastern Mennonite University, an historic peace institution known for its work with justice and reconciliation, in conjunction with the Lucy Simms Center, Harrisonburg’s historic African American school.

The location of the conference embodies its theme “E Pluribus Unum?” because this area of the Shenandoah Valley vividly demonstrates the ways politics, immigration, religion and race have all factored into the struggle of what it means to be American – about how the Many have, and have not, become One.

Learn more about the ASA, or American Studies Association and the Eastern regional chapter.

Call for papers

Papers and panels addressing this broad idea of American identity, as well as those on any topic within the American studies realm, are most welcome.

Submission guidelines

Individual Papers: Send a 200-word abstract and a resume no longer than two pages.

Full Panels: Send a cover sheet with the title of the panel, the names of each participant (3-4 papers) and the titles of their presentations. Include a 200-word abstract of each paper as well as a resume no longer than two pages for each panel participant and for the moderator and/or commentator if appropriate.

All materials should be sent to before January 10, 2013. Graduate students whose proposals are accepted will be encouraged to submit their final papers electronically several weeks prior to the conference if they wish to be considered for the Simon J. Bronner Award for the outstanding graduate paper in American studies.

EASA member programs will also be contacted a month or two before the conference and each may then nominate one undergraduate to present at the undergraduate roundtable and compete for the Francis Ryan Award for Undergraduate Research. Both awards will be presented during the closing session of the conference.

Next steps

Register online now or contact us with questions!