Mission and Service Day

Where Campus Center, Greeting Hall

1. Conversation with Service Organization Representatives (9 am-? Campus Center Greeting Hall)
Meet with representatives throughout the day to learn about opportunities to serve both locally as well as overseas. Snack will be provided at 10 am!

2. Lunch Roundtable Conversations (Lunch hour(s), Dining Hall)
Choose a marked round table and join students, faculty, staff, and service organization representatives for informal conversations exploring creativity in mission and service (i.e. Can we be creative in the way we look at mission & service opportunities? Do we have to be serving overseas or assigned to a term to participate? How can we use creativity to live out mission and service in a unique way?)

3. Mission & Service Day Coffeehouse (9 pm, Common Grounds)
Explore Creativity in Mission and Service with panelists (including Ted Swartz!) offering a diversity of perspectives. Snacks provided and EMU community welcome!

Just in case you’re thinking…

  • “I’m not planning to do a mission or service term.” Come and learn anyway – you may be surprised by how many amazing opportunities there are to travel the world and do amazing things.
  • “I’m just a first or second year student and it’s too early to think about this stuff.” Not true! It’s never too early to begin considering options following EMU.
  • “I’d rather just research opportunities online.” You can learn so much more from talking with real people who have had interesting mission and service experiences themselves.


Intended Audience General Public


Contact Information

Name Career Services

Phone # 540.432.4131