STAR for the Jouney Home from War, November 7-8

Duration 14 hours

The Journey Home from War is a two-day STAR workshop for friends, families, congregations, and communities of veterans and those who minister them as they return to civilian life.

This workshop will build on the basic concepts of STAR* and apply it to the experience of military families:
-the effects of trauma on the body, mind, and spirit
-common responses to unhealed trauma
-recognizing the symptoms of traumatic brain injury; and
-new skills and strategies to chart a healing journey

The facilitator will be Rev. Dr. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor of the Brookfield Institute, who has been working with returning veterans and with the congregations who serve them since 2007.

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*STAR level one is highly recommended, but not required. If you have not taken STAR, we recommend reading “The Little Book of Trauma Healing” by Carolyn Yoder before the seminar

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