Suter Science Seminar - Chris Taylor, MD; A Time Bomb in the Brain: Aneurysms

Where Science Center, 106

Duration 1 hour

A Time Bomb in the Brain: Aneurysms of the Central Nervous System by Chris Taylor, MD

Bleeding from an aneurysm in the brain causes a rare type of severe stroke called “subarachnoid hemorrhage”. Without treatment most patients die or are left with permanent disability. Although surgery was attempted as early as the 18th century, the development of effective therapy in the middle of the 20th century required improvements in surgical anatomy, optics, and medical devices. Subsequent advances in epidemiology, clinical research methodology, and engineering have both expanded our understanding of the disease and have complicated medical decision making. The speaker will discuss the contributions made by a variety of scientific disciplines to current state-of-the-art management of aneurysms of the brain.

Dr. Chris Taylor is an Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of New Mexico. His clinical practice encompasses conventional neurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology. He directs the six-year, post-medical training program in neurosurgery and studies business management at UNM. An alumnus of the Eastern Mennonite College class of 1991, he has never once regretted giving up his junior year class in physiology to act in Our Town (during which he met his wife, Mary Hershberger).

Co-sponsored by the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) program

Intended Audience General Public

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