Horror House of Oppression (HHO)

Where University Commons, Black Box

Duration 3 hours


Horror House of Oppression will be taking place Nov. 6th from 7-10:00pm. This experience consists of 20’ tours where participants will face oppression of disabilities, stereotypes, violence & trauma, human trafficking as well as the immigration issue. These 5 are only a sample of the kind of oppression going on in the world today. This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

The Horror House of Oppression is going to portray a third-person perspective. Although this might be offensive to some who may have experienced oppression, this event is not intended to harm but to raise awareness of the very real oppression that goes on in our community.

Lee Eshleman’s Studio Theater (Black Box)

If you are a large group we ask that you contact us ahead of time to reserve a spot.
Please contact Marvin Lorenzana at

Intended Audience General Public


Contact Information

Name Multicultural Services

Phone # 540.432.4458