Missing Voices: I'm queer but my prof's not here! Forum on the lack of LGBTQ faculty presence

Where Common Grounds Coffee House

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

At EMU we have been open and accepting of students of minority sexual identities, but continue to not welcome openly LGBTQ faculty. These faculty could bring important voices, insights, and experiences to our learning and faith community – but our school continues to practice exclusion. We do this at the risk of alienating people who are valuable, both students and professors, all siblings in Christ. What does this mean for our campus? What does this mean for our identity as a body of people seeking to work for justice and against oppression? What values do we claim surrounding inclusivity and love, but fail to practice in our institutional life?
Join Safe Space and friends for a discussion on how we see this affecting the community, to share you voice, and engage respectfully with each other. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Intended Audience General Public

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Contact Information

Name Jack Mack-Boll

Phone # 717.419.7256