Jean-Robert Cadet: Life as a Haitian Slave Child

Where Common Grounds Coffee House

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Peace Fellowship is hosting Jean-Robert Cadet, a former Haitian child-slave who is now working to eradicate child-slavery in his native country. Jean-Robert is an advocate for children’s rights all over the world – working closely with the UN multiple times to form anti-human-trafficking policies and statements, the US Congress, has spoken as the keynote speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum, addressed the International Department of Oxford University, Yale University, Duke University, as well as been on Oprah and CNN multiple times! He is the author of “Restavek” and “My Stone of Hope” – books about his life as a child-slave and his current work in fighting the system he had been caught in as a child! His main focus is working towards change through education. He will be talking about his story, as well as his work in Haiti today!

Intended Audience General Public

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Contact Information

Name Tyler Eshleman

Phone # 540.810.4487