Capstone: "The Arts as Dialogue" Creative Conversations for Fiji's Constitution & Civic Education"

Where Dining Hall, West dining room

Duration 1 hour

Fiji is currently going through a process of rewriting its constitution. The UN and NGOs have stepped up civic education efforts to inform citizens on what a constitution is, why it matters, and how their voices can be heard. Military rule persists, and after experiencing four coups since 1987 the level of trust in the government is very low. Joanne worked with UNDP and the Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding, attending national dialogues and facilitating a one-day training for trainers on using creative dialogue processes for civic education efforts. She is excited to share her learnings on using creative methods of engaging communities, and life “in the field.”

Hot drinks and cookies will be served.

Intended Audience General Public

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Name CJP - Center for Justice & Peacebuilding

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