Webinar: When Restorative Justice Goes to Prison

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

What relevance does restorative justice have within a prison environment? What are the possibilities, and what are the challenges or pitfalls? What happens when restorative values are juxtapositioned with the retributive and control-oriented values that predominate in prison? Who should take the lead in promoting restorative justice there? What do prison-based programs look like? Are there differences in the way it is articulated and received in prison as compared to the work outside?

These issues and more will be explored by two uniquely qualified resource people: Tyrone Werts and Barb Toews. Howard Zehr will facilitate the webinar.

An on-campus viewing of the webinar will take place in Strite. All are welcome.


Intended Audience General Public

Tags CJP

Contact Information

Name Lindsay Martin Styer