Frontier Luncheon - Dr. Amir Akrami

Where Dining Hall

Ticket Deadline Friday May 3, 2013 (-1515 days ago)

Duration 2 hours

The Summer Peacebuilding Institute is offering a series of luncheons at which speakers will share their enthusiasm and learning from their work at the new frontiers of peacebuilding.

All luncheons are in the Dining Hall at Eastern Mennonite University, from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Tickets cost $14 and must be purchased in advance.

May 9- Dr. Amir Akrami, Iranian scholar at Center for Interfaith Engagement, EMU

US-Iran Conflictual Relations: Causes and reasons
In the last 34 years, after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, US-Iran relations have been marked by hatred, clashes, distrust and even trauma. The more recent problems revolving around the Iranian nuclear activities have exacerbated these already traumatic relations. My talk will be focused on examining the historical causes of these problematic relations and the ideological reasons which have been the stumbling blocks on the way to fruitful and direct dialogues that could have changed these relations and consequently would have had far-reaching implications for the world’s peace.

Other luncheons
May 21- Amy Knorr, CJP Alumni(‘09) and current Practice coordinator
May 29- Ken Rutherford, director of Center for International Stabilization and Recovery, JMU
June 11- John Caulker, director of Fambel Tok, Sierre Leone

Intended Audience General Public


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