Conversation on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Where Dining Hall, East Dining Room

Duration 1 hour 15 minutes

When: Wednesday, April 17

Time: Noon to 1:15 pm

Where: East Dining Room:

Come join Tammy Alexander, of the Mennonite Central Committee Washington Office, in discussing the movement for Just and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and the possibility that Congress will enact new immigration legislation this year.

Tammy Alexander is the Senior Legislative Associate for Domestic Affairs. Her focus is on immigration, the environment and health care. Prior to joining the MCC Washington Office, Tammy was an intern/volunteer at the General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church and worked for several years as an engineer. She is a graduate of American University, the University of Tennessee Space Institute, and Purdue University.

Intended Audience General Public


Contact Information

Name Luke Schrock-Hurst, MCC Liaison at EMU

Phone # 540.746.8844