David Whyte: MA in Counseling 20th Anniversary Speaker

Where Seminary, Martin Chapel

Duration 6 hours 30 minutes

Solace: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question

Human beings cannot quite believe the depth, drama and even the disappearances involved in even the average human life. Each one of us grows almost against our will into a steadily unfolding story where the horizon gets broader and more mysterious, the understanding of loss and mortality more keen, the sense of time more fleeting and the understanding of our own mistakes and omissions more apparent. In the midst of this deepening we have to make a life that makes sense: There is no other life than the one that involves this constant beckoning, this invitation to the fiercer aspects of existence.

This will be a day spent with David Whyte – through poetry and the insights of poetry – looking at the fruitful discipline of first finding, then asking, ever keener and more beautiful questions; questions that do not produce easy answers but which help us to re-imagine ourselves, our world and our part in it, and most especially, questions which work to reshape our identities, helping us to become larger, more generous, more courageous; equal to the increasingly fierce invitations extended to us as we grow and mature.

The day training provides five contact hours of continuing education(NBCC #4488).

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Intended Audience General Public


Contact Information

Name MA in Counseling

Phone # 540.432.4243