Live Music Night: Aimee Wilson and Guests!

Where Common Grounds Coffee House

Duration 2 hours 15 minutes

*What a night this will be!
Common Grounds is absolutely thrilled to be hosting three great groups:

  1. Seth and Greg from the Walking Roots Band
  2. Ears to the Ground Family
  3. Aimee Wilson*

Below are the bios for these guests who will be sharing their music with us throughout the night!

*The Walking Roots Band is a Harrisonburg-based folk / bluegrass / roots band made of a friends who come together to make music. And food. And friendly times.*

*Ears to the Ground Family ( is a minimal, acoustic group; with guitar, hand percussion, banjo, and lots of vocals. As songwriters, they have a focus on lyrical content and sometimes achieve a haunting and visceral vocal harmony. They make music of resistance to oppression and empire, of communities of hope, and of the faith that sustains them. Their tunes draw from R&B, spiritual, soul, folk/americana, chant, hip-hop and jazz. Think Rising Appalachia meets Ben Sollee. Based in Harrisonburg, VA, the group is part of a Christian community of urban eco-villages and homesteads that seek to model a just and peaceful life.*

*Aimee Wilson is like an alternate-reality Gillian Welch. American “roots” in country-folk are readily discernible, but her groundwaters run deeper…
Aimee Wilson gives us music that is primal and full of awe, songs that see as ancient as the foundations of the world. She draws from diverse musical roots, from Sacred Harp to Persian and Middle Eastern rhythms and melodic lines, but each song is stamped with her unmistakably and utterly personal style. or*

Intended Audience General Public

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Contact Information

Name Common Grounds Manager

Phone # 540.810.4487