Pluralism, Particularity & the Way to Peace, Part II

Where Seminary, Martin Chapel

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Pluralism, Particularity & the Way to Peace, II: Why Do We — a Muslim & a Mennonite— Care About This?

A year ago the Center for Interfaith Engagement’s Visiting Muslim Scholar and theologian Dr. Amir Akrami and Mennonite theologian and Eastern Mennonite Seminary professor Dr. Mark Thiessen Nation engaged in a public discussion about Akrami’s pluralist approach to inter-faith relations and Nation’s particularist approach. In this forum they will continue the conversation, beginning with a very brief summary of what was shared in their previous meeting. This time they will reflect directly on why they these issues matter to them. What does each of them believe is at stake in his pluralist/particularist approach to inter-faith relationships and peacemaking? What does each one see as (at least potentially) problematic or deficient in the approach of the other? And how would each express what it is that his approach has to offer to a pluralistic world as we negotiate how to live together in peace?
Amir and Mark will meet and discuss these issues on Thursday, March 27th, at 4:30pm in the Seminary Building, in Martin Chapel. The event itself will go from 4:30pm to 6:00pm, and there will be a chance to further the conversation over dinner in the East Dining Room in the cafeteria in Northlawn. You may purchase dinner from the cafeteria or bring your own.

Please contact the Center with any questions.

Intended Audience General Public

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