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April 2015
4/20 Monday
12:00pmCJP Capstone presentation! Beautiful Resistance: When Words Fail, Art Speaks by Bridget Mullins@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
4/21 Tuesday
12:00pmCJP Capstone presentation! Pursuing Good Theology and Best Practices: Christian Zionism, Empowering @ Northlawn, West Dining Room
4/22 Wednesday
10:45amCJP Capstone presentation! The Global Education-Peacebuilding Nexus: Pedagogies, Programs, and Possi@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
12:00pmCJP Capstone presentation! The Intersection of a Community Mediation Center, Congregational Conflict@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
4:00pmZehr Institute and RJE Webinar - Restorative Justice in Education: Learning From Students
4/24 Friday
11:00amCJP Capstone presentation! The US-Asia Relationship: Why It Matters to America by Nate Schlabach@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
12:15pmCJP Capstone presentation! Expanding Stakeholders: From War to Peace at the U.S. Army by Katrina Geh@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
1:30pmCJP Capstone presentation! Advocating for Vulnerable Countries in 21st Century by Fabrice Guerrier@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
4/26 Sunday
4:00pmCJP graduation ceremony@ Seminary, Martin Chapel
4/27 Monday
All daySTAR Level II, April 27-May 1, 2015 at EMU-Harrisonburg, Va.- currently FULL
May 2015
5/4 Monday
8:00amSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 1 begins
5/10 Sunday
10:30amDaryl Byler preaching at North Baltimore Mennonite Church, Baltimore, MD@ 4615 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD
5/12 Tuesday
4:00pmSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 1 ends
5/14 Thursday
8:00amSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 2 begins
5/22 Friday
4:00pmSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 2 ends
5/23 Saturday
4:30pmThe Howard Zehr Roast: 25 Years of Changing Lenses@ University Commons, UC120A, Yoder Arena
5/25 Monday
All daySTAR Level I, May 25-June 2, 2015 at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute
8:00amSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 3 begins
June 2015
6/2 Tuesday
4:00pmSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 3 ends
6/4 Thursday
8:00amSummer Peacebuilding Institute - Session 4 begins
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