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September 2015
9/3 Thursday
11:00amSeminary Chapel Gathering - "Coming to the Table: Our Essential Unity"@ Seminary, 215, Martin Chapel
9/29 Tuesday
11:00amSeminary Spiritual Life Week Begins@ Seminary
9/30 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Forum: Dr. Darrell Guder@ Lehman Auditorium
October 2015
10/1 Thursday
5:00pmSeminary Spiritual Life Week Concludes@ Seminary
10/23 Friday
5:30pmSeminary Mid-Semester Recess Begins@ Seminary
10/28 Wednesday
8:00amSeminary Classes Resume@ Seminary
November 2015
11/16 Monday
8:00amSeminary Registration for Spring Term Begins@ Seminary
11/20 Friday
5:00pmSeminary Registration for Spring Term Concludes@ Seminary
11/24 Tuesday
5:05pmSeminary Thanksgiving Recess Begins@ Seminary
11/30 Monday
8:00amSeminary Classes Resume@ Seminary
December 2015
12/2 Wednesday
12:00pmSCC Meeting@ Seminary, 204
12/14 Monday
8:00amSeminary Last Day of Classes@ Seminary
12/15 Tuesday
8:00amSeminary Final Exams Begin@ Seminary
12/18 Friday
12:40pmSeminary Final Exams End@ Seminary
January 2016
1/11 Monday
1:30pmSeminary Spring Classes Begin@ Seminary
1/12 Tuesday
11:00amSeminary Spring Convocation@ Seminary, Martin Chapel
1/18 Monday
8:00amSeminary On-Campus Hybrid Intensive Begins@ Seminary
1/23 Saturday
5:00pmSeminary On-Campus Hybrid Intensive Concludes@ Seminary
February 2016
2/10 Wednesday
12:00pmAsh Wednesday Service, Noon@ Martin Chapel
March 2016
3/4 Friday
5:30pmSeminary Mid-Semester Recess Begins@ Seminary
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