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September 2016
9/14 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Jubilee Economics@ Lehman Auditorium
11:30amLunch Chapel Talk Back with Shane Claiborne & Eric LeCompte@ Dining Hall, West Dining Room
5:00pmSupper with Shane Claiborne - Does "doing what Jesus said" Really Make a Difference in Today's Cultu@ Dining Hall, West Dining Room
7:00pmJubilee: The Bible's Vision for a Just Economy with Shane Claiborne & Eric LeCompte@ Lehman Auditorium
9/15 Thursday
8:30pmWriters Read with Poet Gary Dop@ Lehman Auditorium
9/16 Friday
10:00amChapel Forum: International Education Week@ Lehman Auditorium
6:30pmWomen's Volleyball vs Washington and Lee@ University Commons, Gym
8:00pmCAC Small Concert Series: The Walking Roots Band@ University Commons, MainStage Theater
9/17 Saturday
11:00amWomen's Volleyball vs Shenandoah@ University Commons, Gym
12:00pmMen's Soccer vs Albright@ Turf Field
3:00pmWomen's Volleyball vs Lancaster Bible@ University Commons, Gym
9/18 Sunday
9:00pmCelebration: Praise Worship@ Martin Chapel, in the Seminary Building
9/19 Monday
9:00amVisiting Pastor on campus, Cyneatha Millsaps
7:00pmCoalition on Sexual Violence Prevention
9/20 Tuesday
12:00pmLEAD Lunch Series I@ Dining Hall, East Dining Rm
9/21 Wednesday
10:00amChapel Worship: Grounded in Christ? - Michele Hershberger@ Lehman Auditorium
7:00pmGrounded in Christ in these Challenging Times - Michele Hershberger & Cyneatha Millsaps
7:00pmWomen's Volleyball vs Hollins@ University Commons
9/22 Thursday
12:00pmGrounded in Anabaptist Distinctives - Michele Hershberger@ Northlawn, West Dining Room
9/23 Friday
10:00amChapel Worship: Cyneatha Millsaps, Visiting Pastor@ Lehman Auditorium
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