Walk for Hope: Colleges unite for depression and suicide awareness

Where TBA, TBA

Duration 3 hours

College students from EMU, JMU, Bridgewater and Blue Ridge Community College join together today to raise awareness about suicide. Join us!

Each school’s group will gather downtown at separate locations and walk to the Farmers’ Market where we will converge for music, speakers, snacks, and activities. Presidents from all four colleges will walk along with their students.

Wear your royal blue and white, wear something in memory of a loved one who died by suicide, support a friend, bring a group or club.

Best-selling author Julie Hersh, Struck by Living, from Depression to Hope (http://www.struckbyliving.com/) will speak at the mid morning gathering.

Creative arts tables and story boards will be available to give voice to how suicide affects us all.

Please help spread the word and plan to participate. Activities on campus leading up to the walk will be announced.

If you are interested in helping, contact .

Joint release by local higher education institutions.


Event Web-site: http://www.facebook.com/Walk.for.Hope.Harrisonburg

Intended Audience General Public

Contact Information

Name Counseling Services

Phone # 540.432.4317