Elementary Statistics

SC 107
MWF 3:40-4:30

Final Exam: Wednesday, Apr. 28, 10:40

MATH 140 A

Spring 2010

Charles D. Cooley
432 - 4411
Office Hours
Science Center 44
MWF 1:00-2:30
and by appointment


This general education course provides an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include correlation, normal distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:


There will be 3 tests, a cummulative final exam, and a group project each worth 20% of the course grade.

The final exam grade may be substituted for the lowest of the three test grades, but no other allowances will be made for missed tests. Some tests will include take-home questions assigned the class period before the test day. All test questions, including take-home questions, are to be completed individually.

For the project, students will form small teams to design an experiment, collect data, analyse the data, and present the results to the class. All members of a team are expected to contribute meaningfully to the project.

A small number of exercises from the textbook, as well as additional exercises using Microsoft Excel, will be assigned daily. These assignments, while not graded, are designed to prepare students for the tests and group project. All students are encouraged to complete additional exercises in each chapter beyond those assigned.

Students are encouraged to form study groups to work on non-graded assignments.

Grading scale:

F  0-49

Textbook and Readings

David S. Moore, The Basic Practice of Statistics (4th ed.), W. H. Freeman, 2007.

Reading assignments are listed on the course web page and should be completed before the indicated class period, with special attention to any new terms or formulas. Basic familiarity with all new terms, symbols, formulas, and examples is expected and questions during class time are encouraged.

The course web site can be accessed from EMU's Blackboard server, http://bb.emu.edu, and from the main EMU web server, http://www.emu.edu/faculty/cooleycd/Spring2010/math140. The site will contain the most up-to-date schedule, announcements, and other reference material along with on-line grade reporting.

Schedule Summary

Dates Topics Readings
Jan 11 - Feb 3 Descriptive Statistics Ch. 1-7
Feb 5 Test 1  
Feb 8 - Mar 3 Experimental Design and Probability Ch. 8-17
Mar 5 Test 2  
Mar 15 - Apr 14 Inferential Statistics Ch. 18-25
Apr 16 Test 3  
Apr 19 - Apr 26 Project Presentations and Review  
Apr 28 Final Exam (at 10:40 Wednesday)  


The behavioral and ethical standards of the EMU community are to be observed in all aspects of this course. Any questions or concerns about the classroom environment or other aspects of this course are welcomed.

Students are expected to attend each class meeting. The web site, textbook, and office hours are additional resources and not intended to replace class activities. Regular attendance is an important step toward mastering course material.

Academic dishonesty will result in a grade of 1 on the assignment or if there is evidence of previous dishonesty (in this or other courses) a failing grade for the course.

If you have received services in the past related to a learning disability or attention deficit disorder and/or feel you may have such a problem in this course, please make an appointment to speak with me during my office hours or with the Coordinator of Student Disability Support Services in the Academic Support Center, 432-4233.