Important updates for Residency in Virginia

Submitting paperwork can be a cumbersome task and it is important to stay organized and aware of new changes and updates to the Board of Counseling regulations. Your role during this part of your career path is called a “Resident in Counseling”. Listed below is a step-by-step process to help guide you through this process, be sure to make copies of all the documents you plan on sending in for your own records. This is simply a guide, it is cruical to also follow the instructions provided in the LPC packet when submitting your paperwork. This information is for Virginia Residency only, if you are moving to or living in another state please check that state’s regulations for Residency requirements.

Instructions for submitting paperwork

Here is what you will need to do PRIOR to beginning your residency in order to be considered license eligible by the Va. Dept of Health Professions: (note – These include changes effective November 2012)

1. Official transcript (obtain through registrar’s office)
2. Coursework outline – Be Sure to carefully check and make sure this lines up with your personal experience.
3. Job description of your position (get from your employer)
4. Internship verification form

a) You complete, make yourself a copy

b) You complete the top, bring form to the EMU MA in counseling program for the bottom portion to be completed, we complete and seal in envelope and sign across the seal, we make you a copy – allow 5 business days for EMU to complete.

5. Registration of supervision form

a) You and your residency site supervisor fill out these forms together

6. Registration of supervisor fee (See LPC packet for fees)

What you should be mailing to the board (be sure to keep copies for yourself):

1. Transcript in an sealed envelope
2. Course outline form
3. Job description
4. Internship verification form in a sealed envelop with a signature across the seal
5. Registration of supervision forms, signed
6. Your check for the registration fee

In the meantime: wait for your confirmation letter from the board before you start counting residency hours. You may not accrue hours towards residency until you have received a letter from the board.

During Residency: track your hours accordingly and complete quarterly evaluations with your residency supervisor as directed.

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