Welcome to the Center for Interfaith Engagement

We welcome you and want to engage you regardless of your religion or tradition, because we value your difference from us. This includes those of you who wouldn’t use words like “faith” or “God” in your understanding at all. We want to engage you because, speaking for ourselves in our language, we expect to meet our God in meeting with you—even if you’d describe the experience otherwise. That is our passion.

We commit to you that we will:

  • honor and respect you. We will do our utmost not to deceive you.
  • listen to you with respect and a desire to learn. We will try to understand you, even when we disagree.
  • clearly present our point of view; the stories, texts and understandings we have been given. We have something to offer. So do you.
  • struggle with what seems incompatible between us, remaining committed to relationship with you.
  • discover our common ground and build on it in concrete ways. We believe in service.
  • point out when you confuse or alarm us, and work with you on that. We like negotiating.
  • strengthen our hospitality, comfort and enjoyment while we explore our differences. We need to live together, even when we remain different.

If you will make the same commitment to us, we have engagement.