Cost & Financial Aid

2013-2014 Tuition and Fees:
Traditional Program
Term 1 Term 2 Program
Tuition 8,085 8,470 16,555
Fees 150 225 375
Books * 784 247 1031
Total Cost $17,961

New to Practice Program
Term 1 Term 2 Program
Tuition 8,470 8,470 16,940
Fees 150 225 375
Books * 729 168 897
Total Cost $18,212

Payment of Charges

Charges for Term One are due at the beginning of Term One and charges for Term Two charges are due at the beginning of Term Two. Term One bills must be satisfied (or covered by financial aid or employer assistance) before beginning Term Two.

Payment Procedure Options

Financial Aid: You may apply for federal financial aid through the Financial Assistance Office on main campus. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (file online @, EMU code 003708) and an EMU Financial Aid Information Sheet (FAIS) must be completed. Packets of financial aid forms are available from the Lancaster ADPC Office (717)397-5190. It is very important to file the appropriate forms in a timely manner and to contact the Financial Assistance Office if you do not receive a response within four to six weeks. Federal aid guidelines require forms to be submitted by certain deadlines and not doing so may jeopardize your aid eligibility. Term two financial aid is applied for separately. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Financial Assistance Office at their toll free number, 800-330-9683.

Employer Assistance: If your employer is providing tuition assistance for you, you must complete an “Employer Assistance Information” sheet. Fees not covered by the employer are due the first day of each Term or as indicated on a Payment Plan Worksheet. If your employer requires you to submit a grade before they will reimburse you, you are responsible for submitting the grade to your employer in a timely fashion. PLEASE NOTE: Any exceptions must be cleared through the RN to BS in Nursing office prior to the first class session.

Monthly Payment Plan through Tuition Management Services: The cost of the RN to B.S. Degree in Nursing Program can be paid in 6 or 12 monthly payments to Tuition Management Services (TMS), an outside third party. An approximate $60 carrying charge is due upon application. Equal monthly payments will be arranged for 6 or 12 months. Life insurance for the value of unpaid tuition is included in the plan. Payment is made to Tuition Management Services, who will automatically cancel tuition payments if the student fails to pay the first two payments. Additional information and details are provided upon request. Please call (717) 397-5190 for an application.

Personal Funds: Students must pay for Term One at the beginning of the first term and Term Two at the beginning of the second term. EMU accepts credit card payments and electronic funds transfer through Tuition Management Systems (2-4% fee apply). Please visit or call 800-356-8329 for additional information.

A combination of the above options may be used, if desired. A monthly finance charge of 1½ % will be added to student accounts with outstanding balances. Students receiving verified financial aid or employer assistance will be exempt from finance charges until eight weeks after the end of your program. A monthly statement of account will be mailed to you.

Policy Statement: The EMU catalog states, “Failure to meet financial obligations is cause for denying the student the privilege of registering for or attending subsequent classes, receiving a degree, or releasing a transcript of credit.”

Financial Aid Options

Students in the RN to Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing adult degree completion program are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Federal aid applicants will be considered for two types of federal aid, the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Student Loans. Eligibility is based on financial need (FAFSA results), prior awards and repayment history, current enrollment status and undergraduate annual and aggregate maximums. The total amount of federal aid awarded each term may not exceed the direct ADCP costs associated with that term.

A complete financial aid packet is available from the program representative. Applying for financial aid in a timely manner and following up on any request for aid or loan information is very important. To be eligible to receive federal financial aid, you must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is processed by a federal processor and the results sent to the schools that you list in the school section. EMU’s school code is 003708. Applicants will automatically receive notice that students in Pennsylvania are not eligible for state financial aid since our university is located in Virginia (even though our site is in Lancaster!). The results are reported to the student on a Student Aid Report.

Students must also complete EMU’s ADCP Financial Aid Information Sheet (FAIS) and return it to Sheryn Jerchau in the Lancaster office. It will be sent to the EMU Financial Assistance Office where staff will determine your eligibility to receive federal grants, scholarships and loans. Students will not be notified of any grants or aid until they have been admitted to EMU and the RN to Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing adult degree completion program.

The RN to Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing program will match grants that you receive from a religious organization up to $1,000. Some students may receive financial assistance and scholarships for the RN to Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing program from their employers. If you are receiving employer assistance you will need to have your employer authorize payment for the program. Other students will pay for the program with personal funds. These students may pay at the beginning of each semester or take advantage of a monthly payment plan. Upon acceptance into the program you will receive financial information.

To avoid jeopardizing financial aid eligibility, you should not withdraw from the program without first consulting with your academic coordinator.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Sheryn Jerchau, Administrative Assistant, RN to BS in Nursing
Office phone: 717-397-5190 or (866)368-5262


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