Summer 2016

Tuition: $432 per credit hour
Audit: $90 per credit hour
Technology fee: $50 per semester
Textbooks not included.
Core degree requirement =Core degree requirement.

Recovering a Missional Edge in Congregations (2 credits)
In this course we will explore how to flow with the movement of God’s Spirit creating thriving communities with a missional culture. Together we will learn from history and firsthand through experimenting what community in mission can be like.
Schedule: Tuesday, 6:30pm-9:30pm, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; June 7, 14; Saturday field trip, June 4.
Location: EMU Lancaster
Instructor: Josef Berthold

Religious Imagination in Contemporary Culture (3 credits – online)
From the arts to film, from television to graphic novel, from music video to social media, the multimedia texts of our culture are filled with religious themes. Participants will join the instructor in exploring this landscape of popular culture, especially noting its religious themes. A brief time will be spent with foundational material in theological and media analysis theory. To imagine what is beneath the surface, is to be alert to the subtle and unexpected, to be open to new insights and to have one’s core assumptions challenged.
Schedule: May – June (7 weeks)
Instructor: James Siburt

Sailing Acts: The Christian Movement in the Ancient Mediterranean (3 credits)
By boat, taxi and public transport students will explore the major port cities of the Mediterranean in the physical context of Acts as co-workers of the Apostle Paul. These trading centers were fertile soil for the early Christian movement.
Instructor: Linford Stutzman
Schedule: TBA
Location: On the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey and Greece

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