In the beginning was the Word(John 1:1)

Animated by the Word, we use words to make a difference in the world—binding its wounds and celebrating its beauty.

A world suffering from conflict and injustice cries out for servants and leaders who can bring about change. The world also brims with goodness and needs those who can recognize and call out that goodness.

We are a diverse group offering studies in English, Spanish, Writing, Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL).

These are the aspirations that we have for the students who sojourn with us for a while.

  • Graduates from the department of Language and Literature listen and read closely with attention to nuance, subtlety, and detail. Speaking and writing fluently and articulately, they are sensitive to the many voices within and among texts.
  • Our graduates cross borders for the greater good. Cultivating self-awareness and empathy, they sensitively negotiate intercultural encounters; they are adaptable and teachable.
  • As leaders and servants, they exercise all their linguistic skills critically and charitably. They thoughtfully engage all forms of communication media. They redeem and cultivate language as an aspect of creation care, using language to generate new ideas and foster joy and beauty in the world.
  • As they collaborate and engage in creative problem-solving, they demonstrate responsibility and share in the building of community.
  • Finally, they think with philosophical and theological depth, taking care not to accept anything without questioning. They bear courageous witness to faith through written and spoken words, ever taking delight and pleasure in language.

We work and we pray to foster their development in all these ways.

Program news

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