The King James Bible and Family History: A Dialogue with Dr. Michael Galgano, JMU Department of History and Lois Bowman, EMU Librarian

Massanutten Regional Library, 9 February 2013, 2-4 p.m.

The dialogue explores the origins of the King James Bible and its growing role in family history over the generations. In the first century following its publication, it bonded families around the hearth for daily readings and scriptural discussions. It also served all generations as the family record of significant events, family memories, and rites of passage. For many families, it has become a fundamental link to their past and a promise of the family’s enduring future.
We encourage all participants to bring their own Bible to share with the group.
We also encourage all to view the exhibit accompanying the series of discussions being held at EMU Hartzler Library.

Dr. Michael Galgano is Professor of History at JMU. He offers courses in Research Methods, Family and Social History and has published on childhood and gender in Early Modern Europe.

Lois Bowman is Librarian, Menno Simons Historical Library, Eastern Mennonite University.