The Sadie A. Hartzler Library is the name of Eastern Mennonite University's library. The library has about 167,000 books, videos, periodicals, and other kinds of materials that can be valuable additions to your studies at EMU-Lancaster.

The library's resources, while housed in Harrisonburg, VA, are available for your use. If you request a book from the EMU library, it will be sent to the EMU-Lancaster office where you can pick it up. If the library has a journal that contains an article you want to read, just ask for and a copy of the article will be sent to you.

Libraries closer to where you live may be more convenient for you, because you can browse the shelves until you find just the right book for your school project. But sometimes you may want something from the EMU library in Harrisonburg. The library staff will get the materials to you as quickly as they can. They are there to serve your academic needs, just as much as they serve students on the EMU campus.

If you are in the Harrisonburg area, you are welcome to visit the EMU campus to see what the library looks like and to meet the people who work there to help you get the books and articles you need for your studies.

Pennsylvania Libraries

The Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania ( has a web site with links to the libraries of 22 colleges and universities in that region.

From the ACLCP web site, you will find links to online library catalogs, library hours, policies, etc. of these libraries. Some schools included in this list are Elizabethtown College, Franklin and Marshall, and Millersville University. EMU does not have any formal agreements with these libraries, but EMU-Lancaster students have been able to use the libraries in the past. It is a good idea to check at these institutions to see what their policies are for patrons who are not connected to their institution.

The instructions presented in this tutorial refer specifically to the resources of the EMU library, but many of the principles will also apply to resources in other libraries.

Special Collections in the Hartzler Library

As you search our online catalog (Sadie), you may notice some that some books have one or two letters in front of the usual call number. This indicates that the book is in a special collection. Understanding what those special collections are may help you determine whether the book will be useful for you -- and whether you will be able to have the book sent to you.

This chart shows the major collections and their codes used in the Hartzler Library, and also whether the books, videos, etc. can be sent to you.

Call number as it appears in Sadie
Collection Name

Can it be
sent to you?

L 371.3 B928c 2009 Lancaster - Items at EMU Lancaster  
266.97 L316t Main collection - Most of the books in the library. There is no special code at the beginning of the call number to identify it.
H 507.12 C87s Historical Library - Books and other documents about history, beliefs and life of Anabaptist and Mennonite groups. Also materials on Shenandoah Valley history, culture and genealogy.
Usually no
But special exceptions are sometimes made
R 289.7025 M547d Reference collection - Encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, biographies, and other resources that are useful for quick information on almost any topic. Must be used in the library.
But you could ask for a photocopy of pertinent information
J 266.97092 A182c Juvenile collection - Books for children, including storybooks.
CU 516 F974b Curriculum collection - Workbooks and textbooks to be used in the K-12 classroom.
CK 372.7 B471f Curriculum Kits - Games, globes, educational toys and games. CK is sometimes followed by "Box" or "Bag" to indicate type of container.
SD 051 M547h Serials - Journals & periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
You can get a copy of articles in journals, but not entire issues of journals

VK 970.015 C726
DVD 261.88 I73 2006

Videos - Movies, documentaries & other kinds of videos.


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