Sadie is the name of EMU's online catalog. Sadie is accessible from computers… the library…
...anywhere on campus…
...anywhere in Harrisonburg…
...anywhere in the United States…
...anywhere in the world…as long as you have Internet access.

In Sadie, you will find all the materials owned by our library, including...

...journals, magazines & newspapers (but not the individual articles),
...curriculum resources,

To get to Sadie start at EMU's home page ( Choose the library link from the "quick links" menu.


The library home page is the starting point for all your library research. If you are using a computer in the library this should be the first screen you see.


From this page, you can link to lots of information about the library (library hours, what services the library provides, etc.). For this tutorial we'll be looking at Sadie, the EMU catalog & Reseach Tools.

Terms to know

Librarians often talk about catalogs and indexes. It's helpful to understand the difference between them.



You are probably familiar with an index - that alphabetical list of topics in the back of a book. An index tells you which pages of the book discuss the topic you're interested in.

In libraries, you will also find another common kind of index: the periodical index. Periodical indexes help you find articles in periodicals (another word for journals and magazines). The publisher decides which periodicals they are going to include. So, if they are publishing an index about education, they include articles from periodicals about teaching and other aspects of education. They list articles that they decide are important for people to know about. But the publisher doesn't know which periodicals each library subscribes to. So, sometimes you may use a periodical index and find a reference to a really good article on your topic, but the library doesn't subscribe to that periodical. That's when you need to consider Interlibrary Loans (more about that later).

Another thing to remember about indexes is that they only provide you with the reference (or citation) to an article; the index doesn't actually have the article right there on the page for you to read. You have to go to the shelf to find the article. (This is changing now with electronic databases; some indexes are now letting you click on the citation to read the article right there at the computer. This is called "full-text.") Some indexes are published in book format, others are published electronically, and some are available both ways.



A catalog, on the other hand, lets you know what books and other resources a particular library actually has. In our library, our catalog is an electronic database, and it is available online via the Internet. We call our online catalog Sadie (named for Sadie A. Hartzler, the first librarian at EMU). In Sadie, you can find all the books, videos, kits, documents, and other kinds of resources that are owned by our library. What you won't find in Sadie is books that we don't own, even if they might be useful for the research you're doing. (Later you will learn how to find those other books.)

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