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What if you know you want to see what the library has by a certain author? You can make your search more precise (which means you won't get a lot of irrelevant stuff) by doing an AUTHOR search. Try this:

Click on the "Search/Home" link above the search box to take you back to the quick search screen.


Be sure the CATALOG KEYWORD option is selected above the search box. In the search box, type in "carroll yoder" (one of our EMU professors), and then choose "author" from the list.


Are you wondering why you could type in the author's name with the first name first, rather than the last name first (Yoder, Carroll)? That's because you did a keyword search, and in a keyword search, the order of the words doesn't matter.

Here is the record for the one book in Sadie by Carroll Yoder.


Please notice that there are two copies of this book, one copy in the main circulating collection and another in the Historical Library. If the Main Library copy is checked out you might be able to use the copy from the Historical Library. You will want to check with the staff to see if that might be possible.

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