Where can I find that article....

You've found the perfect article for your topic so now you need to determine how you can get a hold of it. Many of the research databases provide access to the full-text of an article and the citation includes the link you'll need to get to the full-text.

If you find an article which doesn't have a link to full-text you aren't out of luck, because EMU subscribes to over 20 databases the full-text might be available in a different database. The library also subscribes to over 1,000 print journals as well. The A to Z list of periodicals is your guide to what EMU owns in print and electronically.



Once you've searched for a title you can see if EMU owns it in print or if it is available electronically.



The library also prints a paper list of the journals it owns.


The Periodicals Holdings List is a list of all the...

magazines, journals, and newspapers in the EMU library, including the Historical Library
periodicals on microfilm or microfiche
periodicals the library no longer subscribes to, but still has older issues

Here are two sample entries from the Periodicals Holdings List.


This entry indicates that the library started subscribing to Journal of Teaching in Physical Education in 1989 (with volume 8) and is still getting it.
This entry tells you that the library has issues of Educational Leadership from 1955 to 1982 in paper format (in the shelves for back, or older, issues). Starting with 1983 and continuing to the present day, it is on microfiche. In addition, the library has a current subscription for this journal and new issues are on the display shelves (but when the microfiche copy arrives the paper copies are discarded).


Copies of the Periodicals Holdings List are on each of the periodical index tables and above each research computer in the main library. (You can also search in Sadie for periodical titles, but Sadie doesn't show if full-text access is available through an online database like EBSCOhost.)

Location of Periodicals

When you want to read an article in a periodical here at EMU, the first thing you need to consider is how current it is. If the issue was published in the last several months (up to a year or so ago), it's probably in the current periodicals area. The most recent issue is on the slanted shelf, and older issues are kept just underneath the shelf. But if you want something older than that, you need to look in the periodical stacks. That's where the journals go after they have been bound, or sometimes they are stored in boxes and you can pull out the individual issue you are looking for.

Current Periodicals
Bound Periodicals

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