The Sadie A. Hartzler Library is Eastern Mennonite University's library. The library has about 167,000 books, videos, periodicals, and other kinds of materials that are valuable additions to your studies at EMU.

Hartzler Library has 3 floors. When you come in the main doors, you're already on the 2nd floor. Here is a simple diagram showing what is on each floor (which call numbers, which special collections).

Special Collections in the Hartzler Library

Each book and video in the library is assigned a unique call number. Within the library are several smaller collections. Special codes (one or two letters on the top line of the call number) indicate that a book is part of a special collection.

This chart shows the major collections and their codes used in the Hartzler Library.

Call number as it appears in Sadie
Call # on book Collection Name
266.97 L316t 266.97 L316t Main collection - Most of the books in the library. There is no special code at the beginning of the call number to identify it. On 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor.
H 507.12 C87s H
507.1273 C87s
Historical Library - Books and other documents about history, beliefs and life of Anabaptist and Mennonite groups. Also materials on Shenandoah Valley history, culture and genealogy. On 3rd floor.
XX (172919.1)   XX call numbers can mean a variety of things. They are generally temporary call numbers for materials on-order or inprocess. They are also the call numbers for our NetLibrary books, a set of ebooks available electronically.
R 289.7025 M547d R
289.7025 M547d
Reference collection - Encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, biographies, and other resources that are useful for quick information on almost any topic. Must be used in the library. On main (2nd) floor.
J 266.97092 A182c J 266.97092 A182c Juvenile collection - Books for children, including storybooks. On 1st floor.
CU 516 F974b CU
516.184 F974b
Curriculum collection - Workbooks and textbooks to be used in the K-12 classroom. On 1st floor.
CK 372.7 B471f CK 372.7044 B471f Curriculum Kits - Games, globes, educational toys and games. On 1st floor. (CK is usually followed by "Box" or "Bag" to indicate type of container.)
SD 051 M547h Not used Serials - Journals & periodicals, magazines and newspapers. On main (2nd) floor, in alphabetical order by title.
VK 970.015 C726 VK
970.015 C726
Videos - Movies, documentaries & other kinds of videos. Shelved in Learning Resources area on 1st floor.


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