Author or Title search

Let's say you are interested in books by a certain author or maybe you've just heard about a movie or book and you want to check to see if EMU has those items. You can make your search more precise (which means you won't get a lot of irrelevant stuff) by telling Sadie what to look for.

You can type an author's name into Sadie either Last Name, First Name or First Name Last Name.

example... Rowling, J K or J K Rowling. Just make sure you select Author from the drop-down menu.

Generally you do not need to use initial articles when you are searching for a Title. So you wouldn't need to type "The" to search for The looming tower : Al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11.


Always start with what you know.
Do you know the title? Do a TITLE search.
Do you know the author? Do an AUTHOR search.
Looking for anything you can find on a topic?
Do a WORDS or PHRASE search.


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