Content Responsibility

The responsibility for collecting and organizing the public content on the EMU website is typically distributed by department, while Marketing and Communications is responsible for it being published on the website.

The Marketing and Communications web team is here to help you get your message out. We rely on you for being aware of things happening where you are in the organization and making sure it is communicated effectively. We’re ultimately held accountable for the effectiveness or failure of the site, so there may be times we say “no” or ask you to think about your content differently. Please trust our expertise, respect our constrained resources, and allow plenty of time and grace as we work together.


The CMS has no controls on who can edit what—and this is intentional. For the most part, web editors know which parts they are responsible for and we’re a small enough group that we can communicate among ourselves. We don’t need rigid permissions that have to be managed and we want the web to be a cohesive whole, not a collection of silos. At the same time, though, we don’t want anyone to feel like “their” pages might be changed without their knowledge, so to keep everybody happy, please follow these guidelines:

  • In general, only edit the pages for which you are responsible. If you have confusion about who is responsible for a page, just .
  • If you see obvious typos like teh wons rite hear, please either tell someone or fix it and then tell someone.
  • If you change the path of one of your pages and you know of other pages that link to it, please go ahead and fix those links. Telling us or the people responsible for those pages about it would be courteous.
  • Again, communicate! Pick up the phone, talk together, and collaborate to make the web site one seamless, user-friendly experience.

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