Editing Web Text

Just beginning? You’ll be able to log in after you complete the test and receive CMS access.

Log into the CMS

  1. Go to .
  2. Sign in with your Royal username and password (same as webmail).

Find the page you will edit

Radiant organizes content in a tree/directory structure (see Page Hierarchy). Initially you see only top-level pages.

  • Click the plus sign to the left of the page title to to see its sub-pages (children).
  • Click the page title to edit that page.
  • Hover over any page in the tree to see its URL.

Hint: If you find a page you’d like to edit while browsing but don’t know where to find it in the CMS, look at the page’s title (in the title bar, not necessarily the heading at the top of the page content) and its breadcrumbs for an indication of where to find it.

Edit the web text

  1. Generally, you’ll work in the body page part with the filter set to Textile.
  2. Page Status comboboxIf you don’t want your changes to go live right away, change the status to Draft. Otherwise, choose Published.
  3. Check View page after saving if you want to see the results of your changes in a new tab or window.
  4. Click either of the save buttons depending on whether you anticipate needing to edit this page again immediately.
  5. Check out your changes on the web page that opens if you checked View page after saving.
    • If you checked the View page after saving box and it doesn’t automatically take you to preview the page, you may have to switch windows or tabs. In Firefox, the Ctrl/Cmd + number keys are useful for changing the active tab.
    • If you keep that window or tab open, subsequent saves will refresh your preview after the page has saved. The page may not refresh for several seconds… be patient.
  6. Edit as necessary until it’s acceptable.
  7. When you’re ready to make the draft live, change the status to Published and save.

Insert a blockquote

If you need to quote an extended section of text, use the blockquote button in the Textile toolbar. See the following illustration:

Blockquotes are rarely needed in non-research web publishing, though. Please use them for actual quotes, not just stylistic difference.

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