Inserting Links

To insert a link:

  • If you already have the text you want to become a link, highlight or select it.
  • Otherwise, position your cursor where you’d like to insert the link.

Then, press the link button in the Textile menu bar (looks like a chain link). A dialog appears to ask for more information.

Add Link button/menu
click for full size

In “1. Link to:”, you have three link options:

  • Web Address – This may be an absolute or relative URL.
  • Email Address – The email link will be protected from spam bots; this is the recommended way to create email links
  • Attachment – Link to an attachment; either on the page itself or its parent or other ancestor pages.

In the “2. Text to display:” field, enter the text you would like to be the clickable link. This is already filled in if you highlighted text initially.

Never link to, the draft version of the content.

Best practices

Eye tracking studies show that when a visitor is scanning a page they are initially looking for headings, bold items and underlined links. Imagine you land on a page with good headings and structure but every link just says “click here.” You would have to actually read the sentence around it before clicking to figure out what you will get.

The better option is to link the words in the sentence that most describe the content or service the link will lead to, such as “Request a transcript” or “Provost’s office.” That way when a visitor scans a page the links are easily scanned without additional reading.

Click OK to finalize the creation of your link, or Cancel to return to the editor.

More info about links in this guide:

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