Social Media Guidelines

Social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, are excellent channels for connecting with constituents, publicizing programs and events, and spreading the word about EMU. Here are some guidelines for professional use of these media in the university context:

Professional accounts vs. personal accounts
Use an account that is separate from your personal account. Conduct EMU business on your EMU account and personal business on your personal account. Always sign out so you don’t cross-contaminate by mistake.
Account name
The name you choose for a social media account should reference EMU. Incorporate your name as well only if it’s an account that will not stay with your program or position (such as an IM account). A Twitter account for the cross-country team, for example, should include ‘EMU’ but should not include personal names or the year because it will persist from year to year and coach to coach.
Social media content
Everything published through social media should adhere to the Community Lifestyle Commitment, FERPA, and HIPAA regulations at minimum. There may be additional regulations, such as ODAC standards, depending on your professional associations.
Where possible, each person should have his or her own account (this is compulsory on Facebook). If multiple people are updating a single account (such as Twitter), passwords should be kept in a secure place and changed at least once a year and every time there are employee/coach/volunteer changes.