Alumni Matching Game

Instructions: Click on a factoid and then choose a person’s name. The factoid will be moved next to that name. When a factoid is beside the correct name the row turns white. (The names and factoids in the top half of the list were in the printed Integram.)

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Name, Major(s), Graduation Year “Factoid” (current location, employment, or other)
Joshua Akers,
Computer Science, 2007
She and her husband have been foster parents for seventeen children.16
Ben Browand,
Mathematics, 2003
Currently serving as an MCC service worker in Egypt.1
Anna Creech,
Mathematics, 1998
Really enjoys working with the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale.13
Steve Gibbs,
Computer Science, 2004
Hosts a weekly electronica/dance-rock show on the local community radio station.3
Andi Hennig,
Computer Science, 2001
Has developed flood study models for Caldwell County, NC, and written automation tools for General Electric.17
Jeff Hoover,
Math Education, 1992
Had Loren Swartzentruber as an Algebra II student at Iowa Mennonite School (and reports that Loren was already in love with Pat at that time).12
Phil Horst,
Mathematics, 1976
Owns a business in which he does design, construction, consultation, facilitation, safety inspections, and training on ropes courses and climbing walls.2
Phil Hostettor,
Mathematics, 1980
Currently working as a software engineer in Uruguay and teaching seminary classes after work.5
Eric Kurtz,
Mathematics, 1989
Worked for five years with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Jos, Nigeria.8
David Lehman,
Math Education and Ag. Dev., 1981
Works as Senior Financial Analyst at Texas A&M University (and says he is part owner of Texas!).15
Joyce Bontrager Lehman,
Mathematics, 1965
Earned a PhD with Distinction in Computer Engineering; currently sings in a Russian Orthodox choir.14
Dan Miller,
Mathematics, 1959
Worked in Research and Development for a water treatment industry before returning to education.6
Dave Rush,
Math Education, 1999
Works for Information Systems at EMU, and reports that Blokus is his favorite new board game.4
John Weaver,
Mathematics and Physics, 1950
Received a Masters degree in Spirituality and Spiritual Direction.7
Allen J. Wyse,
Math Education, and Physics, 1971
Spent four years living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan, and was a practicing CPA for twenty years.11
Judy Wyse,
Math Education, 1969
Will be leaving the teaching profession after twenty years to pastor Williamsburg Mennonite Church.10
Denton Yoder,
Computer Science, 1985
Works as a water/civil engineer and volunteers with Engineers Without Borders.9
Ben Beachy,
Computer Science and Biblical Studies, 2000
This Software Trainer/Implementer lives in Lacey Springs, Virginia with his wife and two young children.36
David Brubaker,
Mathematics and Computer Science, 2003
User Services Analyst at EMU now enjoys using three bows; violin, viola, and compound.35
Douglas L. Brunk,
Math Education, 1986
This Pennsylvania math teacher also taught English in China for one year.40
Jerry Grosh,
Mathematics, 1977
Following his wife’s death in 1998, he looked up a fellow member of the class of ’71, to whom he has been happily married since 2001.31
Dale E. Hartzler,
Computer Science, 1985
Web Developer and part-time student in a Computer Information Technology Master’s Program.20
Eliezer Rivera Hernandez,
Computer Science, 2007
Works as an actuary in Raleigh, North Carolina.25
Geof Hileman,
Mathematics, 1997
Has taught at Bluffton University, Hesston College, and in Nigeria, India, and Honduras.27
Paul W. Holderman,
Math Education, 1991
Studied mathematics for a semester in Budapest, Hungary before starting medical school.38
Donald Hooley,
Mathematics, 1977
Works as a Software Engineer in Harrisonburg.23
Tim Martin Johnson,
Mathematics, 1982
Will be embarking on a three-week, 900-mile bicycle trip through the northeast U.S. this summer.33
Kirby Keim,
Computer Science and Mathematics, 1989
First teaching job was in Hoima, Uganda, as a volunteer with MCC.28
Wilmer Lehman,
Math Education, 1957
Teaches high school math and physics in Highland County, Virgina.32
Steven R. Lowry,
Math Education and Sociology, 1971
Working as a Software Developer/ Systems Analyst for an oil company, likes reading books, and is planning on visiting EMU sometime this year.24
Kent Miller,
Math Education, 1981
Network Administrator and Software Developer living in Pettisville, Ohio with his wife and two young daughters.34
Mark Risser,
Mathematics, 2007
This Application Development Manager at EMU has bought the farm; now wants to have a cow.19
Lynn A. Roth,
Mathematics and Computer Science, 1999
A Software Developer who enjoys enjoys bible quizzing, gardening, raising laying hens, and fly fishing.39
Greg Sachs,
Mathematics and Computer Science, 2003
This mechanical technician has also been an electrician, farmer, and EMM Missionary in Cambodia.26
Tim Shoemaker,
Computer Science, 2003
Software Engineer in Sarasota, Florida is a father of three.29
Sanford (Sandy) Snider,
Mathematics , 1962
Has an M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Penn State University and a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Transformation from EMU.22
Aaron Trimble,
Mathematics and Biochemistry, 2006
Retired and volunteering two half-days a week at Booksavers of Virginia which sells donated used books with proceeds going to MCC.30
Matt Trost,
Computer Science, 1998
This CTO and Manager of Systems Administration, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania has adopted teenage children.21
Jerry Yoder,
Math Education, 1974
Served as secretary of the EMU Alumni Association for over ten years; is currently battling leukemia.37